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On January 7, 2010 I lost my job. Using this program I was back to work in just 3 weeks! Not only did I get another job, I found a
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For 10 years I personally interviewed candidates for a successful Fortune 500 company. Over the
I learned what works and most importantly, what doesn't. Believe me, I've seen it all! I
watched many people fail and very few actually get hired. I can tell you one very important fact I
Most people don't have a clue how to actually a get a job!

I developed a step-by-step formula to turn anyone into an ideal candidate and get hired FAST!
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I fired my boss and started at $4 more an   
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Mike Pavlik - Parma, OH
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The Most Effective, Successful Job Searching Techniques -
You will learn the hidden, well-kept secrets from the hiring side of
the job market and discover how to find the right job for you.

We will finally reveal the covert strategies used by the most
successful job hunters that
no insider will ever tell you about.
We will even teach you the proven methods to "get your foot in the
" where there is far less competition!

Qualifying The Employer -
This is where most people make their first mistake: They assume that
if they meet the company's job requirements then the company
automatically meets theirs - WRONG!!! You will
learn how to avoid
making career mistakes
that could have you to wasting years with the
wrong employer.

Create Compelling Cover Letters -
You will quickly learn how to make your cover letter a powerful tool
get your resume read immediately. We will teach you how easy it is
to grab their attention and keep it

10 Things You Should NEVER Do On A Resume/C.V. -
Over and over again I've seen so many people lose great employment
opportunities because they didn't follow these simple rules of resume
conduct. We will teach you how to easily create your own
professional, customized resume to
make employers want to interview
you first. We will teach you the most effective, proven ways to
customize your resume to
get you noticed over the other applicants
quickly get the attention of any perspective employer.

Rule The Interview -
We will teach you the best kept secrets that will give you the upper
hand in
any interview! I've seen these methods work in interviews for
years!  I'll share with you the insider secrets that get my students
hired time and time again. You can believe I've used them myself.
will be amazed
how fast our program will groom you to become the most
impressive candidate
for whatever job you are after. Now imagine how
confident you will feel when you walk into an interview fully

30 Day Action Plan -
You will learn the most effective strategy to help you get yourself a
new job fast!
 This very plan helped me get hired in just 3 weeks.
You can already picture the look on your bosses' face when you
in your 2 weeks notice!
Just see how jealous your coworkers will be
when they find out you're leaving them behind.

Salary Negotiation -
What you learn here is worth the entire cost of the program alone!  
Many of my students have actually
doubled their income using this
Think about how nice it will be to make more money for a
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Put Your Career In Gear!
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Recent surveys indicate that 77% of Americans are unhappy with their
current job.  That means that
over 3/4 of the people in this country
are unhappy
with where they work, with how much money they make, or
even what they do for a living.

you one of these people?  If you are now you can start to see
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So why do most people stay in a job that makes them miserable?
Because most people really don't know how to get the job they
want!   After interviewing candidates for a Fortune 500 company it
became obvious to me that
most people have no idea how to get a job
even when they are fully qualified for the position.  I have
personally seen degreed professionals with outstanding grade point
averages completely flunk an interview.  I have seen
many deserving
people throw away great career opportunities due to a complete lack
of training and preparation.  
Now you can learn from their mistakes!

Whether you are a high school or college graduate you know you need
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Remember: Your career choice is one of the most important decisions you will
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UPDATE: Scott now makes over $20 an hour - Imagine how this program can work for you!
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